Monday, December 22, 2008

Brassia verrucosa orchid

Brassia orchids are easily recognized by their elongated segments, distinctive floral arrangement on the racemes and the entire column and labellum. Because they are easy to grow and always rewarding with their massive display of flowers, they are firm favorites with experienced orchid growers as well as the novice.

Brassia verrucosa native to shady mountain forests of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Venezuela, they grow as epiphytes and appreciate gentle air movement, high humidity and bright light, but not direct sun which can burn them. They grow in an altitude of over 1500m and quite cold tolerant. The spidery flowers are long lasting and have an attractive light jasmine scent.

My Brassia plant is a few years old and always flowering at Christmas time - I took these pictures yesterday to show this magnificent display of flowers. I grow it under the shade of the tree and it gets normal watering and occasional feed. The flowers a bit difficult to photograph as they sway in gentle breeze, dispersing their beautiful scent. The flowers will stay on the plant for about 3 weeks and this easy growing and rewarding orchid welcome addition to any orchid collection.


I likE plants! said...

Wow, that's some display. Good growing!!!!!


klaraau01 said...

Thank you.


Thanks For 2 Day said...

How nice it must be to experience the lovely scent the orchids give off! You certainly are gifted with orchids. Every time I visit your blog I smile at that sweet little daughter of yours. What a little cutie she is:) Jan

Gunilla said...

I´m so envious, when I see all those orchids that you have.
I´m glad when I got one or two of my orchids to get flowers,

Gunilla in Sweden

klaraau01 said...

Thanks Gunilla, there is quite a variety of different orchids suitable to everyone's taste and any climate.


klaraau01 said...

Thank you jan for your comments - the scent of light jasmine is everywhere once I step outside and everyone who can smell it, commenting on it. Neighbours on both sides of the fence love it!

The girl in the picture is my grandoughter Maddison and she loves smelling and touching orchids flowers.


tina said...

Very interesting information about orchids and Australia's love of orchids-60 societies is quite a few! They are all so beautiful. I don't grow any but will enjoy them here or at friend's houses. You take care and have a great day!

Yassir said...

Stunning examples of the spider orchid...thanks for posting