Monday, August 14, 2017

Notes - Orchids inspired jewellery

TIFFANY & CO brooch
For quite a number of years I’ve been collecting images of jewellery inspired by orchids. I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of photos that feature jewellery pieces in the shape of orchids and choosing the one’s to show in this blog was not an easy task because I love them all. This is probably going to be one of my longest image posts but then showing incredible  craftsmanship and beauty created by various designers of the past and present I am sure will bring joy to many from seeing these exquisite pieces.

A symbol of beauty and love, Orchid has always attracted the attention of jewelers and collectors. The flower of Passion, Perfection, Grandeur and Luxury, subtle Beauty, Tenderness, and Intimacy. At all times, the orchid is a symbol of sophistication, wisdom, and gentility, harmony, and family comfort and giving orchid jewellery always had hidden meaning.

Latin name orchidaceae means roughly as “descended from God.” Orchid – flower of joy, born of the pieces of the first rainbow. It fell onto the ground, with sparkling in the sun shimmering multi-colored pieces. And each of the fragments in an instant turned into a beautiful orchid, which delights many of us with its beauty to this day!
An enamel and diamond brooch
Vintage Cattleya Orchid Carved Rock Crystal and Diamond Brooch

Georges Fouquet, France c 1895
Trifari 'Alfred Philippe' orchid pin 
Stenzhorn Jewelers - The Wild Orchid necklace    
R Lalique - Blue Plique a Jour Orchid Brooch, Art Nouveau
Tiffany& Co  - diamond and enamel Oncidium jonesianum orchid brooch by Paulding Farnham, 1889 
CARTIER. "Disa" Brooch
René Lalique 'Orchid' Brooch 1912
Cartier - The Ruby & Diamond ' Orchard' Parera   
Carved Frosted Crystal and Diamond Orchid Brooch, 1930 - 1950, Austria
An Art Nouveau 18 karat gold and enamel brooch with diamonds, attributed to Vever.Circa 1900's. 
Russell Trusso Orchid Earrings 
Art Deco brooch 1900  
Diamond Peridot and Ruby Orchid Flower Ring 
Cartier Caresse d'Orchidées earrings  
Cartier. Caresse d'orchidées collection
Diamond Orchid Flowers Pin
orchid brooch, diamond, ruby and platinum, English circa 1930
Suffragette Votes for Women Orchid Enamel Brooch Pin 1895  
René Lalique - orchid comb 1903          


  1. Wow, these are worthy of a museum display. Wouldn't it be fun to pick one to own?

    1. They are beautiful creations and I am glad you enjoyed seeing them, thank you for the visit

  2. Good morning dear Klara,
    I can imagine how inspiering the Orchid is for juwelers is. The Orchid is the most wonderful gift in the world. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Flowergreatings Marijke

    1. You are welcome, Marijke and I am happy that you like these beautiful pieces of jewellery. This is just a fraction of images and I am always fascinated how jewellery designers created these objects with metals, stones and enamel to come up with such beauty. Have a great day