Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cymbidium orchid Sunset Delight x Uluru Orange

Cymbidium orchid Sunset Delight x Uluru Orange
Our cooler weather brings with it anticipation seeing beautiful cymbidium orchids in flower. This  beautiful cymbidium just started it’s blooming cycle this season, it’s a cross of well known Sunset Delight x Uluru Orange.

The flowers are large, showy and the colours are luminous, dreamy and hypnotic - as if painted by the brush of a painter, one can see so many shades of orange and yellow on the petals. The lip is large, fringed with red and the plant is robust and compact.

I purchased couple of small seedlings way back because I liked the parentage and been patiently waiting for them to flower. This is a first season it bloomed, and so far I quite like this orchid. It would probably need a couple of more seasons of maturing to showcase its beauty in full.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Phalaenopsis spp orchids

phalaenopsis violacea var Gene Tobia

phalaenopsis bellina

Couple of my phalaenopsis spp orchids flowering at the moment, it’s always nice to see these beauties in bloom.
There are about 60 species of this genus, including some of the most popular orchids in cultivation. Most of the species grow in hot, steamy lowlands, but a few are adapted to the cooler climates and higher altitudes.
Generally they grow in the habitats that are moist and humid year-around and they have large leaves and very short steams.

My phalaenopsis violacea var Gene Tobia flowers with large, yellow blooms that are fragrant, this specie native to  northwestern Sumatra

And phalaenopsis bellina grows in Malay Peninsula and Borneo in low altitudes in shady, humid forests often near a streams, it’s very fragrant and have strong, fruity perfume.

With these species the flowers always open progressively so I never see more than one flower on the flower spike. Each spike itself can re bloom a few times. Both of these orchids been with me for many many moons and I always look forward seeing them in bloom at this time of the year.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dracula orchid - vampira “Bela Lugosi”

dracula vampira Bela Lugosi
Some of my dracula ( name means Little dragon) orchids started blooming  - they are fascinating specie found in moist forests from Mexico to Peru with the greater concentration in Colombia and Ecuador.
 They have large, beautiful flowers that hang on long steams and the genus comprises of about 90 species and vampira is one of these species -  it’s native to Ecuador and only found in one place - on the slopes of Mount Pichincha.
The flowers of dracula vampira mostly dark in color with many beautiful patterns and lines on the petals. They need to grow in hanging baskets so that they can send their spikes through the bottom of the planters. I try to grow my plant with plenty of moisture in filtered light and in any given season it would only produce one flower. Hopefully I was able to show the beauty of the bloom.

 My dracula vampira is variety “Bela Lugosi” - named after Hungarian - American actor, famous for playing Count Dracula and starring in other horror films with Boris Karloff.  To this day Bela Lugosi have huge following and his nickname is “The King of Horror” and some recon he was the best, most elegant Count Dracula. Here is the the blog dedicated to Bela Lugosi.

Thank you to EarthDracula31 for featuring Bela Lugosi - enjoy

Friday, June 2, 2017

Notes - Orchids Stained Glass Patterns

The other day came across this wonderful resource - many many free stain glass patterns and of course concentrated on orchids.
 Paradise for someone handy because the patterns could be used in variety of ways.  Website featuring many sections to suit many tastes -  here is the link

Friday, May 26, 2017

Dendrobium x suffusum

Dendrobium suffusum
This little Australian native orchid currently flowering - it’s dendrobium x suffusum, natural hybrid between dendrobium kingianum and dendrobium gracilicaule. It’s a medium size plant with many small flowers and very sweet scent.

Being native orchid, it happily flowers year after year without any special requirements - it likes plenty of light, plenty of moisture during spring and autumn and a bit dryer in summer.
The color of the flowers ranges from white through various shades of pink and I have seen dark, deep mauve color of this orchid as well.

 Because if it’s adaptability, this specie can be grown in a wide range of situations always rewarding with many beautiful blooms.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Dendrobium bracteosum

Some of my dendrobium orchids started new flowering season and this little beauty currently in bloom. It’s dendrobium bracteosum native to north coast of New Guinea. In it’s natural habitat it grows in hot, steamy coastal forests in clumps mostly attached to mangroves, exposed to bright light and all elements.

I have seen many color variations of this dendrobium - yellow, pink, red, orange and of course white and the flowers are very long lasting constantly produced by the plant.
In the home situation it’s an easy orchid to grow in our warm climate  - bright light and plenty of watering is all it needs to showcase it’s beautiful blooms.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Odm. Yellow Tiger

One of my odontoglossum orchid currently in bloom - odm. Yellow Tiger is complicated hybrid of close related genera and it flowers with these beautiful, relaxed blooms. The color is deep yellow with nice bright red markings  and it have wonderful herbal/spicy scent that lingers around for a long time.

Like many other odm. orchids Yellow Tiger is a bit temperamental - many specific conditions have to be met before it graces me with it’s flowers. Moisture, humidity, light, temperature, gentle breeze - all of these have to be just right for it to flower and now and then it will reward me with it’s beautiful blooms. Many moons ago I figured out that some orchids have “an attitude” and Yellow Tiger constantly teaching me patience.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Oncidium orchid - Sum Lai Woh “Geyserland”

Oncidium orchid - Sum Lai Woh “Geyserland”
This beautiful oncidium orchid showing off it’s beauty in full at the moment. It flowers with long flower spikes and multitude of medium size perfect flowers - there are so many of them that they hang about all over the place. This is just from one flower spike, and there are  a few new one’s forming already, giving a long display of color that lasts a long time.

This orchid been with me quite a few moons and each season at about this time I look forward seeing it in flower.  “Geyserland” never disappoint - year after year it bursts out with an explosion of perfect blooms just like a geyser.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Dendrobium canaliculatum orchid

One of my miniature dendrobium orchids just started flowering, it's native to northern Australia, the islands of Torres Strait and southern New Guinea. The common name for this orchid is Tea Three Orchid because in nature it always grows in melaleuca woodlands and forests. There are a few variations of colors of this orchid - I have seen some lighter, almost pristine white,  and some darker forms .

In it’s native habitat it likes long dry season during winter and spring so mine spends half of time in the greenhouse and another half outside under the trees - that seems to bring it to flower every season. It’s a beautiful native orchid that quite easy to grow in any home situation  providing it’s not over watered since it dislike soggy condition around it’s roots. Other than that, it’s very low maintenance orchid with beautiful, unusual flowers.

Friday, April 14, 2017

First cattleyas in flower

Now, that’s it’s getting a bit cooler in our part of the world, couple of my first cattleya orchids started flowering. These two orchids been with me for many many moons and I don’t even remember how they  came to me, yet every year without a fail they are the first one’s to bloom.

They one’s of the  “old fashioned” one’s, most of the cattleya’s one see these days have fuller flowers, more blooms and generally more compact plants - these one’s more lanky with occasional blooms, yet they have beauty all of their own and I love their strong colors. They also have quite strong scents - the red one smells like “tutti - frutti” and the darker purple one have very strong herbal scent with a bit of acetone in the background, not unpleasant, just different.

Some of my other orchids started waking up after the hot summer spell and many of them started developing flower spikes, so I’ll be featuring them soon in this blog.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Gongora gratulabunda orchid

I’ve been taking a break from blogging but now hopefully back with more posts about some beautiful orchids. In the past couple of months our weather here been really challenging - first with unusually very hot and humid summer that just went on and on and on and then non-stop rains and thunderstorms and winds creating a bit of a havoc in the garden and orchid house. Cleaning, re potting, sorting out and general maintenance of my plants been priority and now that the cooler weather finally arrived I can feature some of my orchids again in this blog. We must of gone through some specific sun-spot cycle or solar-storm activity, because the energy during that time felt unbelievably strong and raw.

One of my orchids that just finished it’s flowering is gongora gratulabunda - fascinating orchid native to Colombia. It flowers with masses small unusual flowers and have the most heavenly strong scent reminiscent of herbs and spices - one can smell cinnamon and thyme and myrrh and anise and all spice and fennel and saffron and there are some sweetness in the scent’s background making it very strong and pleasant.

This orchid need to grow in the hanging basket, so it can send long spikes about 1 meter long down on the side of the planter . It’s a special, strongly perfumed orchid and I am delighted seeing this beauty in flower.
gongora gratulabunda1
gongora gratulabunda

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cymbidiums - NOID

We are in the middle of real heatwave here in Sydney with really very hot weather and very high humidity and the major task at the moment looking after all of my orchids ( as well as all other plants) is watering and misting. For my orchids it's kind of in-between season when I do re-potting and usual general maintenance of my plants and wait until hot weather is over, anticipating more beautiful blooms later on.

Here are some pictures of my late flowering cymbidiums. I have no idea of their names, some were swapped by me for other varieties, some were given to me for revival after they finished flowering but after being with me for a while all of the recovered nicely and flowered, showing off their special blooms. And after all, the world can always do with more beautiful flowers!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Festive Season and Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everybody Happy Festive Season and holidays and to thank you all for visiting my blog and for allowing me introduce to you beautiful and special orchids.

Wishing you all Love and Peace and Happiness and Laughter and Joy and Prosperity with family and loved one's and New Dreams and New Hopes and New Experiences in New 2017 Year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Orchids Oncidium Twinkle varieties - “CT Flamingo” and “Pink Profusion”

Onc. Twinkle CT Flamingo
Onc. Twinkle Pink Profusion
Couple of my onc. Twinkle orchids in bloom at the moment - they produce masses of tiny fragrant flowers on long flower spikes. The Twinkle varieties are  some of the great oncidiums of all times - they are easy to grow, , compact with many color variations. There are pure pristine whites, yellows, pinks and deep reds to suit any grower and collector.

Twinkle is a hybrid between Oncidium cheirophorum and Oncidium ornithorhynchum and was created by  W Moir of Hawaii back in 1958. They are easy to grow, can be flowered next to a window and very popular for their generous flowering habit and heavenly scented blooms.

They don't like direct sunlight so partial shade is perfect for them and should be watered just before they dry out, other than that they are easy to grow rewarding with beautiful scent of vanilla, cherry, fruit and herbs and many many miniature size blooms.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Odm. bictoniense x Wils. Bonne Nuit

This beautiful orchid finally decided to bloom this season, it's complicated cross between closely related genera and been with me for a number of years, yet this is the first time I've seen it's flowers. It went backwoods on me a few times, but each time somehow revived itself.

It's not an easy orchid to grow - because it seems to require constant moisture, but not being soggy, bright but indirect light, dislike extreme temperatures, loves high humidity yet needs gentle breeze. If any of these conditions not met it's just not flowering and I am forever learning with this one.

I love colors combinations, the big showy blooms, the heavenly scent that reminds of many exotic spices and delighted finally to see it in flower.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Rare orchid discovered on the Council’s rooftop

Tiny green-winged orchid was discovered recently by Islington Council workers on the green roof of the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre  in Holloway, UK. Very unusual situation because for this orchid to germinate and produce flowers all the right conditions have to be met - and here this rare orchid decided that rooftop of the Council is the best place for it to grow.

This discovery got all orchid specialists and enthusiasts very exited, since this particular orchid specie haven't been seen or spotted in the area for the past 100 years, it take number of years to germinate and was first recorded by Charles Darwin in London area.

This specie went to decline because it require hay meadow habitat that has been lost due to agricultural intensification, yet somehow Nature decided to give it another chance, on Islington's Council rooftop.

Long Live and multiply Anacamptis morio ( it's Latin Name)  !!!
(Photo - Islington Council)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Phalaenopsis orchids in flower

Some of my phal's flowering at the moment, showing off many colors and textures combinations. They are easy to grow, to bring to flower and they stay in bloom for a very long time.

We are in between orchid flowering season here and pha's always fit nicely during the time when some of my orchids finished their flowering and others not blooming yet, delighting with their kaleidoscope of colors. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Cymbidium Tathra Dark Beauty

Cymbidium Tathra Dark Beauty
This beautiful cymbidium just finished it's flowering season and as usual, delighted with it's vivid, special color. Tathra Dark Beauty is a cross between cym. Yowie Flame and cym. Terama and this cross been around for quite a number of years, each season presenting bold, intense deep red with white fringe lip blooms.

In our climate it's late flowering cymbidium, showing off it's beauty well late into the season when there is a gap in blooms and the eye demands some color therapy, it also have long extensive blooming cycle.

This orchid been with me many many seasons and never disappoint - love it's striking, spectacular, confident, uncompromising energy that brings smile to everyone who see it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dendrobium thrysiflorum in bloom

This dendrobium orchid just finished flowering - usually it flowers with a couple of flower spikes, but this year it gave 12 flower spikes, all perfectly formed - masses of flowers hanging everywhere!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Cyrtopodium Rustic Surprise

Cyrt.Rustic Surprise 1
Cyrt.Rustic Surprise 2
This beautiful orchid just finished it's flowering season, showing off it's special, luminous blooms.

The specie native to Florida, West Indies and Central America to Argentina and most of them have yellow and cream coloring sometimes described as "drab colors" in orchids publications, but I always wanted to try to grow more intense colors of cyrt. and this one did not disappoint.

The blooms are quite large and luminous and perfectly formed and the plant is of medium size. It's relatively easy to grow in our climate, however need a dry, cool resting period in our winter - "back of the bench" material for about 3 or more months and then as the weather warms up increased watering routine.

Cyrt. Rustic Surprise beautiful orchid that delights with it's colors, textures and slightly herbal scents.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Some of my flowering dendrobium orchids

These beauties just finished it's flowering season, all of them of the nobile variety and they all bloom with masses of colorful scented flowers.
They are one of the popular cultivated orchids and in nature can be found in the area of the Himalayas from India to southern China in deciduous forests, mostly in moderate altitudes. It's a widespread specie with many forms and varieties.

My plants don't get any special attention, all of them grow under the shade of the trees, with occasional watering during hot summer months, they like free draining situation and in our climate they bloom in late spring well into the summer. The flowers are long lasting, up to six weeks with beautiful scent and I love seeing them at the time when majority of my orchids are resting.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Phaelenopsis orchid - finally bloomed

While majority of my orchids are resting during our hot and humid summer this phaelenopsis orchid blooming with all of it's profusion.

Some years ago I got this small "experimental" seedling just to see if I can bring it to flower. It have spent number of years on the back bench and I've been patiently waiting for it finally mature.  I have no idea what was crossed with what, but I think it's actually turned out quite a nice orchid.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Maxillaria tenuifolia

Maxillaria tenuifolia
Being one of the popular orchids for cultivation this maxillaria orchid also been one of my favorite for many years - it's very easy to look after and have the most amazing coconut scent.

In nature it grows in rain forests at low altitudes from Mexico to Nicaragua and hangs from tree trunks forming large clumps. It loves humid weather and in our climate it always blooms at the beginning of summer showing off it's beautiful red coconut scented blooms.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dendrobium Orchid "Starfish"

All of my dendrobium orchids finished their blooming season and the last one was beautiful "Starfish". I've had this orchid for quite a few years and always love when it flowers with masses of special, fragrant blooms.

Being Australian Native, it's very easy to look after, I grow it under the shade of the trees exposed to all elements during it's growing cycle, it does not need any special treatment, just less watering during our winter months - other than that it tolerates all seasonal changes quite well. It's a beautiful orchid that delights novice as well as experienced orchid grower year after year with it's scented, unusual flowers.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold “KBR”

Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold “KBR”  
My Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold blooming right now. It's a beautiful orchid with huge flowers and very nice clear colors. It always produce these large, flamboyant blooms at the end of our winter.

Oncidiums one of the largest genera in the orchid family, currently contain more than 600 species and as far as I remember there have always been name changes in the oncidium alliance, but this of course does not deter orchid growers and collectors - with such multitude of species there are many grown and enjoyed around the world.

There are also many handsome hybrids and varieties made with the species of this and closely related genera and my Jiuhbao Gold "KBR" one of these varieties that have bold, huge blooms that enjoyed by everyone.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Zygopetalum Ocsa Platinum Surprise

Zygopetalum Platinum Surprise
One of my zygopetalum orchid flowering at the moment, it's Platinum Surprise that been with me for quite a few years. It have huge pale color blooms and heavenly scent and flowers lasts a long time.

Zygopetalum orchids are ones of the easiest orchids to grow, they have very minimal requirements in our climate - they like plenty of moisture during the year and then a dry period after they finished flowering. During hot summer they appreciate a bit of shade and I grow mine under the trees.
They are native to Brazil, Peru and other South American countries and grow in moderate altitudes in wet forests. They are very fragrant, delighting with their large, showy blooms.