Friday, February 13, 2009

Native cymbidium from a garbage dump

Well, everyone will agree - not much to look at, dry and shriveled, not many roots and one will not call it "beautiful" or "special" by any stretch of imagination. Still...

This plant came to me couple of days ago via friend who spotted it while driving and noticing land clearing for new housing development - all vegetation was dumped in a garbage baking under the hot sun and he though that it may be a cymbidium orchid. He stopped, pulled it out from the dump, found old black plastic pot, covered it with soil and brought it to me.

I am very grateful to him for his effort and for this plant - its Australian native cymbidium var suave and its going to be really nice and beautiful plant when it recovers. Cymbidiums suave recently been used in crossess quite a lot to produce miniature size cymbidiums, since they have smaller leaves and flowers and very nice sweet scent.

I've already cleaned it up, cut down all dry leaves and roots, repotted it into fresh compost and at the moment its placed in the shadiest area of the garden to recover. All I need to do now is to keep watering and checking it out regularly. I am sure it will recover soon - its a tough variety with masses of beautiful small flowers and I'll be taking pictures of it when its starts flowering.


  1. i can't wait to see the flowers, what a wonderful surprise it will be for sure! i hope you'll remember wich one it is at that time, among all this you have ;P

  2. ahh.. but everyone is special, as with all orchids people. Tank you for reading this post.

  3. Oh, how exiting to see how it looks when the flowers showes. I do like Orchides myself, but I still have a lot to learn about how to treat them right. And since gardening is my biggest interest the potplants have to make it pretty much on there own / gittan

  4. I just found your blog - I am looking forward to a good read! I LOVE orchids and delight in watching mine grow. What a treat!


  5. thanks for following my blog! I signed up for yours too cus i love orchids!

  6. I like those plants and things that would tell a story if they could speak. These plants will be grateful to you for the second chance and reward you with beautiful flowers.

  7. it's my pleasure! the natural flora from your country is completly gorgeous and exotic for me as you can imagine! here we have also some native small orchids and a lot, really a lot, of eucalipthus, wich are also beautiful when old, but with 20 years old they are perfect for making paper and for burn in the summer...
    by the away, i have a blog award waiting for you at my balcony, if you're interested just stop by around there to collect it...

  8. How lucky for this plant that it found a good home. I hope it continues to thrive.

    Always Growing