Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cymbidium Orchid - Down Under Moana Gold

Here is another flamboyant and beautiful cymbidium orchid from my collection - it's name Down Under "Moana Gold"

This is a wonderful cross of Coraki x Tracey Reddaway and it's one of the beautiful, bold colored orchids appreciated by growers worldwide.

The flowers are large round, nicely shaped gold color, clean and clear with bright bold red labellum. It usually produces between 12 and 14 large blooms on every flower spike and one of the most prolific flowering cymbidiums.

I've had this variety for many years now, bought it as a small seedling and watched it developed into beautiful large plant. The colors of this cymbidium seems to appeal to many people and it's always appreciated by anyone who see it's massive display of flowers during bloom season.

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  1. Pretty flowers. The red marking makes them very attractive.