Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sarcochilus orchid

Another flowering orchid from my collection - Sarcochilus var hartmannii just finished flowering.

Currently there are about 15 species of Sarcochilus orchids and all of them grow in Australia and New Caledonia. They all small plants that love high humidity and intermediate temperatures and have nice color combinations.

My Sarcochilus orchid is var hartmannii and this variety growth restricted to a small area near QLD - NSW border in eastern AU. In nature it grows in rock crevices and cliffs in altitudes up to 1000 meters, forming small clumps.

The flowers are white with bright pink in the middle and are semi-pendulous with fragrance that resembles orange blossom and in our climate appear usually in early summer. It likes good air movement, no direct sunlight and moist conditions through the growing year.

It seems to like growing in my garden and flowering year after year - another beautiful and interesting orchid for a collector or anyone who can replicate their growing needs.


  1. Hi Klara! It's a beautil orchid. It reminds me of a snow that we don't have here yet! Our Christmas was green and not cold. All the best!

  2. A lovely orchid. We have many native orchids in India too, but I don't know the names.
    Happy New Year!

  3. This one is one of the beautiful natives, quite resiliant, actually and easy to grow in home situation. Happy New Year everyone!

  4. I don't know much about orchids but would like to learn more about them. Very pretty post! I love white blooms. :)