Friday, April 9, 2010

Beautiful orchids on display in Japan - JGP 2010

Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival 2010 (JGP2010) was held this year in mid-February in Tokyo Dome and attracted orchid lovers from all over the world. It's the world's largest orchid show, very unique in terms of number and quality of orchids displays, the variety, the size of exhibits and the elegance of their designs. It's an annual event and this year JGP celebrated it's 20th anniversary.

For nine days in February Tokyo Dome welcomed more than 400,000 visitors, exhibitors from 19 countries and over 100,000 orchids displays. This year the theme of JGP was - "Orchids: Cordial Hospitality - Saying it with Orchids" suggesting how to enjoy orchids in daily life.
This orchid show is where visitors can look, touch, learn, talk to the experts, bring their own plants for evaluation, listen to presentations and communicate with many orchid lovers.

Some of the rarest, never previously seen by general public, Japanese orchids was also displayed at that show - for instance, extremely rare Cypripedium native orchid from Rebun Island was exhibited and was replanted back to it's natural habitat after festival finished.

There are many judging competitions and many many awards given at JGP - for Individual plant, for best Fragrance, for best Display, for best Flower Arrangement ( interior decorations, gifts, bouquets), for Arts and Crafts (painting, botanical art, photographs, art flower, pressed flower, dried flower) and Miniature Orchid Garden. Also, sales area with more than 130 vendors from all over the world sell orchid plants and other orchids related items.

I've been to JGP three years ago and took back with me the most fondest memories - the sheer size of exhibits, the variety of plants, the knowledge and the kaleidoscope of colors, scents and textures, the dedication and selfless sharing of techniques and information, made many contacts with orchid lovers and collectors.
What more can one say - its Orchids and they doing their magic - they unite people from many countries, backgrounds in appreciation and celebration of beauty and love.

Below is a small video featuring JGP 2010 orchid show


  1. I can only imagine being there! I wonder if there were any cold tolerant varieties featured...

  2. That was such fun! Thanks for sharing the video.

    I accidentally found an International Orchid Show at Rockefeller Center in NYC the only time I've ever been to that city. It was amazing. They had varieties I'd never heard of and everyone was so friendly. Just delighted to share their passion.

    It looks like there is a similar feeling in Tokyo.

  3. Have you ever heard of Scone Palace and its orchids? The palace is nearby me and it holds the greatest collection of orchids in Scotland.

    I think it would be fabulous to get to this orchid show.

  4. Looks like it was a terrific orchid show! I can only dream about getting to one of that size and magnificence. MIssed the one in Halifax this weekend--so many things going on, not enough time to enjoy everything.

  5. To Rosie - Scone Palace, if I am not mistaken, that's the place where Stone of Destiny was housed? I have heard of their large orchid collection, especially that they have original collection of plants of Douglas Fir, from 1920's. It would be great to visit that orchid show and see their wonderful orchids in the place connected to Robert The Bruce!

    The Tokyo orchid show had many flowering cool and tropical growing orchids on display,all flowering in mid-february! Many dedicated orchid growers from all over the world contributed to this festival.

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments and for checking out my blog.

  6. Thanks for putting in that video. The Japan Orchid Festival is really famous, i've seen some photos of them from some students and scientists working there. I can only visualize its magnitude and the awesome orchids on display. I will put a link of this in my side bar, so my friends will also see your collections. thanks.