Monday, September 20, 2010

Native dendrobium orchid - "Aussie Star"

Early spring time in our part of the world means that native dendrobiums orchids are again in full flower and and again they showing off their beautiful, uncompromising and special blooms, delighting growers and admirers with their special flowering energy.

Dendrobium orchid genera currently have about 1,200 different species occurring from India through Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Tahiti, southern China and Thailand. There are many many varieties of dendrobium orchids grown in variety of climates and recently, a series of hybrids has been produced using Native Australian species.

My native dendrobium "Aussie Star" is one of these hybrids, it's starts flowering in late winter/early spring with masses of small beautiful pink flowers that have very strong sweet scent and it's quite vigorous variety, very generous with new growth and flowers. It's growing under the shade of the trees in my garden with filtered light all year round exposed to all natural elements and it seems to be thriving in these conditions.

I've been thinking of dividing it for a while, since this plant getting quite large, but each spring when I see this plant in flower I live it be for another season, so it can do it's magic and delight me with it's bold, special energy and it's color and texture and scents.


  1. Wow ... it really is drop-dead gorgeous. We do have some magnificent native orchids! Your 'Aussie Star' looks wonderful in this large clump ... I think I'd find it hard to divide up too.

  2. What a beautiful orchid and to think you have it growing under a tree in your back garden. It does have quite the energy with all those blooms. No wonder they can only bloom once a year. ;>)

  3. These Aussie Stars are really outstanding. Lovely pink.

  4. So, so pretty. I love orchids, but only have a couple in the house. They could never look the beauty shown here.

  5. Wow, it is very prolific! Awesome!

  6. Your native is truly a beauty! So many blooms! Klara, I am so grateful to you for showing all these varieties of orchids, since I don't have a single one in my own garden.

  7. Dear Klara
    What a lovely specimen! I wish I were near enough to beg for a bit of a division;-)
    See you on Blotanical....
    aka Bay Area Tendrils

  8. Thank you all for allowing me to share this beauty with you