Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy and Healthy New Year !

Just wanted to thank everyone for your support and appreciation of beautiful orchids and to wish you all Happy and Healthy New Year from Downunder.
May New Year bring you freedom, love, fun, sunshine, laughter and happiness and may all of your dreams come alive!

Here we are expecting hot and humid next few days (35C/95F) - perfect time for the beach to spend with friends and family and to enjoy this magical time of the year.

I am looking forward seeing more of your great posts in the new exiting gardening year.

Happy New and wonderful Year!

( "towel surfing" - Bondi Beach)


  1. Happy New Year to you, too.

    We had ice on puddles and small pools this morning. Wish I was there!

  2. Happiest of New Year! Love the beach santa! ;>)

  3. And Happy New Year to you. Enjoy your posts.

  4. Very funny santa. Happy new year!

  5. I see Santa is having a warm vacation. Happy New Year to you and Happy gardening 2011.

  6. Very smile making - photo and film.

    Have a very happy 2011 - and thank you for picking my Green Man and Dancing Trees post ( ) on Blotanical.


  7. Hi Klara, happy new year to you too. I've been to Bondi Beach and some other beaches there, even went to see, just see Lady Bay! haha, they said it is the privilege of tourists to just look and see. You have Christmas Summer while we have all year summer!

  8. Hi Klara, I have enjoyed the video clip. That is cool!

    Looks like both of us ended 2010 spending some time and fun at the beach.

  9. Happy new year to you as well. I'm jealous of the weather! It's a balmy 27F today brrrr