Saturday, April 7, 2012

Song of the Plants

We are currently in between flowering season here and majority of my summer flowering orchids now resting. All late autumn and winter blooms not here yet so my attention turned to repotting and general maintenance of my plants. That of course does not meant that new and exiting discoveries not happening.

For a while I wanted to write about the Song of the Plants and to introduce everyone to this magical energy. Since everything is a vibration, plants like everything else have their own tone and harmonics. Many "plant" people know this already, in the deeper parts of themselves they have discovered this truth.

Do we talk to our plants and do they talk back? What do they communicate back to us and can we understand them? Often one needs to go beyond the mind and the logic and just let plants to express themselves. I've been asked numerous times about cultivation techniques for different orchids and I am always lost for words to describe the whole growing cycle of any plant and my best advise is to just listen to the plant, it will tell one exactly what it needs to thrive in your own environment. Some people find this concept difficult in our "Age of Reason", yet growing beautiful orchids or roses or trees or herbs is never a mental or logical exercise, we all do that because we love their energy.

Native people have always considered plants as living beings who's power lies in their energetic or vibrational qualities. The energy pattern of every plant is unique and has it's own special characteristics. We all grow different plants because we are now rediscovering concept of wholeness - a recurring theme in many ancient philosophies and it's relevance to us. Wise men living several thousands of years ago proposed that when we are totally integrated, the life force abounds, bringing with it real sense of health and happiness. The way to attain such inner harmony, they claimed, is to respect Nature and her ways.

Quite a few years ago I had an opportunity to visit eco village of Damanhur in Northern Italy, the sustainable community of people who live in balance with all Nature and have the most fondest memories of that place and it's people. And I was delighted finally to find recording of singing plants taken at Damanhur and to share it with you all.
As usual, I have more questions than answers, questions like" do native plants have different harmony" or "is healing plants have different energy" or "does ancient plants vibrate differently from hybrids" or "different color of same plant have different harmonics" or "do birds singing in the trees or in the forest contribute to plant's energetic makup" - and many many more questions. I am still looking for an answers and in the mean time, here is the Celestial Song of the plants - enjoy it:


  1. Fabulous post! Such great food for thought. I'm one of those who definitely believes that plants respond to the energy of life all around them ... the cycles of nature, the environmental sounds. Everything in nature is inter-connected, and I think gardeners are the ones who recognise this without question.

  2. I loved your post, it was filled with so much in wise words, but also common sense with Native and enlightened peoples. The video was very surprising, I never heard of plants making music like this. It would be pretty amazing if plants could communicate or 'read' out intent. A little sad too, considering what we do to plants. Everybody should see this post.

  3. Your post is interesting and I will come back and watch the video.
    Have a Blessed Easter dear blog friend.

  4. Wonderful text with beautiful thoughts about plants. Thanks for that.

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  6. Plants are one of the many faces of nature's beauty- bright-coloured, gentle and exquisite, they make the view more attractive and your house more natural.

  7. Hello, welcome back, i have long been visiting and wondered what happened for your absence. I believe in the interconnectedness of all things, one is a part of a bigger whole, a pain in a member affects everything else! Are you aware of the experiment of dropping an egg to boiling water, when a shrimp in a nearby aquarium was being observed for its response? But i haven't heard of plants' music. Unfortunately, the videos are blocked in the office, so have to return here when at home. Thanks for the info, and for blogging again.

  8. Thank you very much to all of you for your comments and for allowing me to share with you beautiful song of the plants. I am myself experienced and listened to singing plants many years ago, yet only recently found this video and thought it needs to be shared.

    For at least 40,000 years the Aborigines of Australia have been using plants as part of their natural healing system. In other parts of the world where folk medicine is still alive, the tradition of utilizing plants to restore well being has continued down the centuries to the present day.
    Many of us instinctively turn to plants to lift our spirits and make us feel better. It is second nature to bring plants to those who are sick. Without plant decorations, any festive occasion or ceremony would seem soulless and incomplete.
    The task , seems to me, is to uncover and rediscover knowledge about the natural world that has existed for aeons and now and then glimpse and experience it - hence Song of the Plants.

  9. A very interesting post. Plants are certainly much more than just a decoration and many of them are widely used in medicine everywhere (penicillin and aspirin come to mind especially). I think many gardeners also think of their gardens as a place of rest and spiritual healing.

  10. Thank you for a fascinating and thought-provoking post, and yes, I do believe that plants communicate. I only regret that I can't understand them better than I do.

  11. Lindas plantas, fotos maravilhosas.
    Obrigado por compartilhar

  12. Interesting post and the Cypripediums are very beautiful.