Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Miltoniopsis Orchids

Mps. Lillian Nakamoto "Tanto"

Mps. Pink Mooma "Yosemite Sam"

Couple of my Miltoniopsis orchids currently in flower and I love their bright, cheerful blooms. They are native to high altitude wet cloud forests in the Andes of Costa Rica and they have large, showy flowers with a large lip. Their common name is "pansy orchid" and they produce many brightly colored, fragrant flowers on vigorously growing plants.

Many hybrids have been made utilizing the bright colors and attractive flower shape. They are easy to grow and their native situation gives glue to their cultivation - they require cool conditions with high humidity and good air movement. No watering rest period, well drained, yet moisture retaining potting mixture and no direct sunlight.

My plants get a lot of shade during our hot months and their seems to love their situation, I get a lot of repeat flowerings from these orchids throughout the year and I feel that they well worth the modest effort required to see their flamboyant, striking blooms.


  1. These orchids are beautiful with their splashes of color.

  2. I am your latest follower. I am sorry for the bad english but it was more then 30 years ago since I learned it at school. I want you to know that your blog is beautiful and your photo's are a treasure to my eyes. Are you growing all this beauty in the garden? Overhere our winters are to cold to do so. Can you give me some advise to get the cymbidum into flowers again. A lot of foliage and a huge plant but no flowers since I have bought it.

    Have a wonderful day
    greatings from Holland

  3. These are amazing. Beautiful photos.

  4. Thank you to all of you for your comments and for appreciating these beauties.

    - marijke, I have left a comment on your website re your cymbidium

  5. Hi Klara, i thought I've already seen this, and wondered why i didn't have the comment. Sometimes, I really can't get through with my bad connections. These are beautiful but only for subtropical conditions like yours. Regards.

  6. Beautiful flowers and photography. Obvious from your photos why they are called "Pansy Orchids." Wish I had room for these.