Thursday, February 12, 2015

“Come Waltz With Me” this Valentine’s day…

Phal Midnight Waltz

To all romantic hearts of Past, Present and Future...

 Come walk with me and let go of the way you are going
Come talk to me and I'll tell you what's really worth knowing
Life's much too good, my friend. Don't let it end.

Come dance with me and I'll give you a gift worth giving

Take a chance with me and I'll show you a life that's worth living
Life's much too good, my friend. Don't let it end.

 Come and waltz this Valentine’s day with Demis Roussos, Dmitri Shostakovich and all who gave their heart freely and unconditionally to the other.

PS - thanks to Nina Janka for creating such special tribute to Demis Roussos


  1. Love the orchids. Looks like ones I have but don't know the name of.

    The video isn't allowed to be played in this country so I couldn't watch it. :-(

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day ~ FlowerLady

  2. Superb post, Klara. Hard to beat a white Phalenopsis.

  3. Adore the white Orchid. It's a stunner. Enjoyed the clip too.

    Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Klara. Thanks for the kind comments and hope you find the plant.

  5. Hi klara, thanks for visiting my post again despite my long absence. That Phalaenopsis is so very elegant. Is it a hybrid?

  6. Thank you all for the visit to my blog and for your kind comments and for allowing me to show you phal "Midnight Waltz". It's one of my rescued phals that was given to me some time ago for revival and decided to bloom just before Valentine's day.