Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Orchids Oncidium Twinkle varieties - “CT Flamingo” and “Pink Profusion”

Onc. Twinkle CT Flamingo
Onc. Twinkle Pink Profusion
Couple of my onc. Twinkle orchids in bloom at the moment - they produce masses of tiny fragrant flowers on long flower spikes. The Twinkle varieties are  some of the great oncidiums of all times - they are easy to grow, , compact with many color variations. There are pure pristine whites, yellows, pinks and deep reds to suit any grower and collector.

Twinkle is a hybrid between Oncidium cheirophorum and Oncidium ornithorhynchum and was created by  W Moir of Hawaii back in 1958. They are easy to grow, can be flowered next to a window and very popular for their generous flowering habit and heavenly scented blooms.

They don't like direct sunlight so partial shade is perfect for them and should be watered just before they dry out, other than that they are easy to grow rewarding with beautiful scent of vanilla, cherry, fruit and herbs and many many miniature size blooms.


  1. What a lovely Orchid this is Klaarao.
    Have a great day.

  2. Thank you for the visit to my Twinkle's

  3. I wonder why I haven't seen them here yet in garden shows. I thought it is a new variety but you said it ia bred in 1958, been a long time. They are so lovely to elude the orchidists

  4. Lovely little flowers and fragrant, too, if I remember.

  5. Andrea - I am not sure, Twinkle's been around for a while and the name of William Whitmore Goodale Moir comes up in orchids often, he was orchid enthusiast and hybridizer from Hawaii who crossed many species. I think there is even botanical gardens in Kuwai called Moir Gardens in his honor.