Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cymbidiums - NOID

We are in the middle of real heatwave here in Sydney with really very hot weather and very high humidity and the major task at the moment looking after all of my orchids ( as well as all other plants) is watering and misting. For my orchids it's kind of in-between season when I do re-potting and usual general maintenance of my plants and wait until hot weather is over, anticipating more beautiful blooms later on.

Here are some pictures of my late flowering cymbidiums. I have no idea of their names, some were swapped by me for other varieties, some were given to me for revival after they finished flowering but after being with me for a while all of the recovered nicely and flowered, showing off their special blooms. And after all, the world can always do with more beautiful flowers!


  1. Wonderful Cymbidiums and beautiful photos, Klara. Wish I had the space to grow them. I especially that first one's spidery form and pale color.

  2. Hi Klara, we are near yet our conditions vary much. We are at our coldest and you the hottest. But your hottest is still colder compared to our long dry season in March-May. That's why cymbidiums will have difficulty growing with us, even phaelanopsis cannot, only some dendro and terete vanda. Our cymbidiums do well in some highlands like Baguio City and Cordilleras. Where in Sydney are you?

  3. Hello Klara,
    What a lovely orchids you have. A feast to my eyes.
    I hope for you the heatwave will be over soon. We
    have winter overhere. But it's not too cold.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Congratulations for all the beautiful and abundant flowering plants. But, the first one, is a delight. Thanks for sharing.