Friday, June 30, 2017

Dendrobium orchids - Latouria type

Latouria dendrobium Little Atro
Latouria dendrobium Roy Tokunaga
Latouria dendrobium shiraishii
Some of my Latouria dendrobiums currently in flower - they are fascinating genera that include about 50 different species with majority native to Papua New Guinea and some to Samoa. They grow in hot, humid steamy rain forests attached to the trees in the area’s of year-round rainfall.

The plant size ranges from small to very large and they have very long lasting flowers. Some of Latouria dendrobiums are among the most spectacular in the sub tribe and these days becoming very popular in cultivation.  Because of their remote habitats, very little was known about many Latourias until quite recently, when several species that had been ‘discovered’ early in the century.

  There are also many hybrids been produced with crosses of the original jungle plants that are very desirable to orchid growers and collectors and they command high prices. Australian grower Hermon Slade in the 1950’s and 1960’ and Roy Tokunaga of Hawaii in the 1980’s and  1990’s produced many interesting crosses that are very popular today. One can always recognize Latouria dendrobiums - they are in the class of their own.

They are not easy orchids to grow and because of their nature require specific conditions to thrive and to flower -  they need filtered shade and not too much light, they like to be growing in moist conditions but not wet, they like resting in winter but not completely dry and can go backwoods very fast if they don’t get enough ventilation or humidity. I am forever learning with these orchids and adjusting my growing routine with different seasons and weather changes.

But when they start flowering I always enjoy their special blooms and appreciate Nature creating these beautiful, unusual orchids.


  1. Thank you for showing this marvelous colection of Dendrobium.

    1. you are welcome, thank you for the visit and for appreciating these dendrobiums

  2. Your orchids are always beautiful, as they look really well-cared for. But sometime i want to really see the big picture of your garden, can you share them with us? Thanks.