Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Degarmoara orchids "Flying High" and "Skywalker Red Star" HCC-AOS

dgmra. Flying High
dgmra. Skywalker Red Star HCC-AOS
My Dgmra. orchids in bloom at the moment, they are inter-generic hybrids between miltonia x brassica x odondontoglossum and these days many beautiful crosses been developed. They considered being part of oncidium alliance and some of the easiest orchids to grow.

My dgmra. Flying High flowers twice a year, have long lasting blooms and dgmra. Skywalker Red Star HCC-AOS have large red shaped flowers. They are beautiful orchids, very distinct in their appearance.

I find them easy to grow providing they can have bright light, plenty of moisture during growing time with just occasional misting in winter and plenty of air movement and they always delight me with their beautiful flowers in our winter time.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love the coloring of both of these.

    I think I have to move my orchids to a sunnier location as they are not blooming where they are. Maybe I'll do that in the morning.


    1. Thank you for the visit, Lorraine. Yes, these one's prefer brighter light, not as bright as catleya's, but definitely no shade and then you can't stop them flowering

  2. Hello Klara,
    What a beautiful Orchid you are sharing. I wish they could be grown at my place. The flowers are so beautiful. Are they all growing in your garden the whole year round ore are you bringing them into a greenhouse?
    Have a wonderful day.
    Flowergreatings Marijke

    1. Hi, Marijke, I am glad you like these. No, these are permanently in the greenhouse, it's easier this way to control what they need. You can grow them near the window and they will flower in winter when your beautiful roses not in bloom