Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wilsonara “Stirling Tiger”

One of my wilsonara’s flowering at the moment. it’s a cross between Odontioda 'Florence Stirling' and Ondontocidium 'Tiger Hamburhen” and it flowers with these large beautifully colored blooms.

It have long arching spikes that produce many flowers and very light herbal scent that reminds me of thyme and a bit of an attitude that demands attention. With me, “Stirling Tiger” seems to be flowering every other season and it gets moved around green house a few times in search of correct light requirement - too much light and it goes all yellow and with less light it’s just not flowering. It prefers warmer situation with a lot of air movement, and definitely wet and dry periods of growing.

Despite all this fussing, I still enjoy seeing it in flower and forgive it all of it’s shortcomings as long as I can see, smell and touch this special and magical orchid.


  1. Congratulations for this stuning orchid. Thank you for showing us.

    1. Thank you for the visit and for checking out this orchid