Sunday, October 29, 2017

Notes - Orchid Mantis - Master of Disguise

In the fascinated world of orchids many interesting things and one of them is Orchid Mantis. This insect is native to tropical rain forests of Malaysia and it’s one of the world’s unusual and selective hunters.

Bug Lab: Little Bugs, Super Powers” was an recent exhibition in Melbourne  and Orchid Mantis was one of the insects it’s featured. What Australian scientists learned about these surprisingly uncommon creatures is that instead of hiding within petals, ambushing bees and flies, they have become finely adapted for camouflage, mimicking parts of the orchid flower in an extraordinary display of predatory behaviour.

In fact it’s killer moves are now described as “pure ninja stealth” and scientists believe the insect is even better at catching pollinators than orchids themselves.

The Orchid Mantis is highlighted in the exhibition because of its deceptive imitation of the texture and colour of the orchid’s petals.
It remains completely still as it camouflages itself, only rotating its head to suss its surroundings.

Scientists call it an “aggressive mimicry”. 
What an interesting creation of Nature to ensure pollination of orchids in the tropical rain forests of  Southeast Asia.

Here is the video showing this Master of Disguise in action

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Some of my flowering phal’s

Most of my Phalaenopsis orchids in bloom at the moment, showing their many colors and textures and some with scents. They will flower for a few months and it’s nice to welcome their new flowering season.  I took these pictures with my phone instead of trusted camera and not exactly sure of the results, although the pictures are ok I prefer to show more details of any flower.

Most of my orchids in a kind of in between flowering stage at the moment, so a lot of repotting, sorting out and general maintenance happening in the greenhouse. And waiting for new and exiting blooms to emerge for another season.