Friday, November 3, 2017

Pink Rock Orchid - Thelychiton kingianus (formerly Dendrobium kingianum)

Dendrobium kingianum 
Some of my dendrobium orchids started it’s seasonal flowering and the first one is always  Pink Rock Orchid. It’s one of the easiest orchids to grow and always rewards with small, fragrant colourful blooms. 

It’s Australian native and very hardy, can withstand extreme temperatures and adapted to various weather conditions. Pink Rock Orchid occurs from the coast to nearby ranges between the Hunter River in NSW  and Rockhampton in QLD  where it usually grows on rock in forest and woodland.

It likes bright light, plenty of water during growing time, good ventilation and very occasional feeding  - other than that it’s not fussy and producing brilliantly coloured flowers year after year.
 In nature it grows on branches of trees or on rocks but can easily grow on windowsill with plenty of light.

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