Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dendrobium Orchid

These beautiful orchids has always been held in high esteem by orchid growers throughout the world. They originating from Himalayas and southern India, through Malaysia, China and Japan, and also in parts of Northern Australia. There is currently an estimated over 1,500 species of Dendrobium orchids.

They are quite easy to grow in our Australian conditions - they store food and water in swollen stems that enable the plant to survive the dry season. Many varieties are deciduous, shedding their leaves after season's growth and remaining dormant during dry season, but at the start of spring they burst forth with new growth and flower buds.

The Dendrobium orchid in the picture is var Mousmee and one of the beautiful orchids in my collection. The plant is over 10 years old now and every spring it flowers with these delicate beautiful flowers. The flowers stay on the plant for about 10 days. 
At flowering time the completely bare plant, looking like a cluster of dead canes, becomes transformed into this most beautiful display.


  1. I drool while going through your blog. I got the idea that Oz had quite a few nice orchids. I tried orchids, but in Windhoek Namibia, the extreme hot summer and frost in winter made it very difficult. I will add your blog to my blogrol then I know where to go when I am in the wishing mood. ;-D

  2. Hi and thank you for your comments and for appreciating my orchids.

    It is true, we do have great variety of orchids that can grow here in AU outside, under the trees due to our climate. But I also lived in the Blue Mountains area of Sydney as well as in Tasmania where winters are very cold and summers are short and had quite a few orchid plants growing next to the windows inside. Its possible to grow quite a collection this way.

    Or perhaps, it would be interesting to research and to find out what kind of orchids are native to your area - they would be the one's you can try to grow, since they'll be the one's used to your climate. Every part of the world have its native orchid plants and they all beautiful, unusual and can give pleasure many month a year.


  3. Oh My...your orchids are simply stunning! Kim