Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cymbidium Orchid Gladys Whitesell x Bulbarrow "Gayserland"

The cymbidium orchid in the picture is another of the beautiful cymbidiums in my orchid collection. Its of intermedium size and have these delicate beautiful pink flowers. The flower petals appears as if been painted by brush strokes and dark burgundy color labellum feels velvety to the touch.

This cymbidium orchid is var Gladys Whitesell x Bulbarrow "Gayserland" and I've acquired it a couple of years ago as a mature un-flowered seedling. Last year it sent out one flower spike, but it was enough for me to appreciate its beautiful coloring and to look forward to seeing more flowers. This spring it developed six flower spikes and started showing its beauty in full glory. It kept its flowers for more than a month and I was bringing it inside a couple of times to decorate dinner table.

In late autumn I've planted it into beautiful wooden round planter to give it a setting it deserves - picture of it in full flower further down the page.

Cymbidiums are beautiful orchids and easy to grow for a beginner as well as experienced orchid collectors and they start flowering at the end of winter when not many plants are in flower, giving these bursts of colors around the garden.


  1. What a great Orchid blog! I have never tried them but just maybe I might with this kind of help. Your pictures of them are stunning. Welcome to blotanical!

  2. What lovely flowers you have at this time of year. I love cymbidium orchids and wore them at my daughter's wedding. Your blog is so interesting. Maybe, one day I will try growing an orchid.

    Always Growing

  3. Wow... your blog is wonderful! Great information about orchids! I love your photo of the little girl by the flowers! Beautiful...

  4. Do these need a greenhouse? They are just lovely and I am so tempted.
    Thank you for faving my blog too - good to meet you.

  5. I LOVE your blog! It will be a great help for me because I love orchids but have had trouble growing them of late.

  6. Hi everyone and thank you for your kind comments and for appreciating these beautiful plants.
    All of my orchids grow outdoor in different planters so I can move them around as needed.


  7. Delighted to announce my cymbidium, after a lovely vacation on my patio, is about to bloom! Shout joy!

  8. Hi Klara,
    I see you have become a follower of my blog. Thanks! I need to come here more often and see your pretty orchids. I have never tried growing them, but I may have told you my son had some last I knew. I think the ones on this post may be my favorites of this page. I'm glad they're doing well for you.