Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coelogyne massangeana orchid

These beautiful orchids in its native habitat grows on trees or rocks often in bright but diffuse light. They are popular with collectors and generally easy to grow and flower freely. They must have excellent drainage, bright diffuse light and good air movement.

Coelogyne massangeana producing strongly pendulous racemes which can carry up to 20 flowers. The racemes are capable of extremely rapid growth and all of the beautiful flowers open within a short time of each other. The flowers are cream/pale yellow, about 6 cm across and very strongly fragrant. They have prominent brown labellum with a distinctly warty surface. Its native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand where it grows on ridges and lopes in the mountains. This orchid quite cold tolerant and have distinct period of rest when water should be applied sparingly.

My orchid in the picture is a few years old and always flowering in early summer. Its always interesting to witness this rapid growth of flower spikes - once they start growing they add about 5 cm in size every couple of hours. More flower spikes are developing on the side and back of the plant and I am looking forward enjoying its extended flowering period. Its a rewarding and easy species to grow for a novice as well as experienced collector.


  1. I am also an orchid fancier, although not in your league! Having lived in Santa Cruz, California, I befriended an orchid-growing lady who used to always sell me these gorgeous plants at outrageous discounts. I'd exchange services as time went on and I used to have up to 20 orchids going at any one time. I am delighted to see your site for some cool visits to some old friends. Nice blog!

  2. Wow. 5 cm every couple of hours?! That's pretty amazing. You could film that! Orchids are remarkable plants, and I'm getting soo tempted to start collecting...

  3. Oh dear! You're converting me to orchids!


  4. I love all the interesting info. you these are from the mountains and can withstand cold. So interesting.

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and for appreciating these beautiful plants.

    Kind Regards