Friday, December 5, 2008

Orchid Dendrobium thrysiflorum

The dense, bunch-like inflorescence, pendulous racemes of this dendrobium orchid are eye-catching and in flower is a beautiful sight to behold. With its white flowers and contrasting orange labellum its beautiful at flowering time. This orchid is native to Burma, Thailand and Laos.

Dendrobium thrysiflorum is an evergreen orchid with dark leaves with flowers appearing in trusses early summer. It grows quite successfully in my garden under the shade of the trees and it gets regular watering during spring, summer and autumn. It needs to be rested during winter months and allowed to dry out almost completely with its pseudobulbs shrivel - a process necessary to initiate the production of flowers.

My plant is a couple of years old and as it develops more canes it will form more flowering trusses. The flowers remain on the plant for about 3 weeks and its unusual and delightful flowers make it desirable addition to any orchid collection.


  1. So many beautiful orchids shown on your blog...thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice blog, Klara. You're right that a lot of people mistakenly seem to think orchids are hugely difficult to grow, when some of them are actually as tough as old boots! I mostly stick to growing easy cymbidiums and dainty little Aussie native orchids, but your blog motivates me to become a little more adventurous. I've always liked the look of dendrobiums in particular.



  3. Thank you for visiting my site and for allowing me to show to you my orchids