Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oncidium orchid - Facade x Quennervaris

Oncidiums are one of the wonderful genus for orchid collectors since it contains huge numbers and a large diversity of plant habits and floral features that a grower can spend a lifetime collecting and learning about them.

They currently numbering more than 750 species and these orchids distributed in southern Florida, Mexico, the West Indies, Central and South America. Their habitat range from the lowlands to high elevation in the mountains and most species grow on trees and rocks.

Oncidiums are generally regarded as being an adaptable group of orchids but even so a consideration of their area of origin can help in cultivation and help to avoid any problems. Those species from high elevation in the Andes are cool growers, while those originating in the lowlands require heat.

My oncidium Facade x Quennervaris just started flowering - its a beautiful cool growing orchid and it flowers with these special large, rather huge white flowers that have bright yellow spots all over them. Its rather a "collector's item", since not many plants of this cross currently in existence, but hopefully it will change in the near future so that many more growers can appreciate this beauty from cool mountains of Andes.


  1. I love the orchids. They are very beautiful and full of grace. Very special breed.

  2. A dotted one! Wow! I had no idea they came in such lovely variations. What a lot I have to learn!

  3. This spotted Oncidium is so very beautiful. I grow a few easy ones in very crowded Orchid pots,
    nonetheless they flower abundantly. I have bought them up here at the annual Orchid show so I guess they are warm climate lovers. Thank you for all the information on Orchids it is very interesting.

  4. Wow!!!The spotted Oncidium is so very beautiful yah....

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