Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cymbidium Orchid - James Toya Velvet

This cymbidium orchid currently in flower in my garden - it's name James Toya Velvet and it's been created by one of the innovative cymbidium AU breeder for a cut flower market.

Couple of years ago I was able to obtain a few unflowered seedlings of this variety and been patiently waiting for it to produce it's first for me blooms, and as you can see, it is a beauty!

The plant is very strong and carry 5 large blooms. The flowers are flamboyant hot pink color with mild spicy scent, which is unusual for cymbidium orchid. The lip of the flower showing white/dark pink velvety texture and overall appearance effect is very pleasing. I think James Toya Velvet will be another winner in the cymbidium circle because it will appeal to many orchid collectors and gardeners alike.


  1. That's absolutely beautiful cymbidium. It's very difficult to bloom in house.

  2. Wow!!!its very beautiful red orchids......

  3. Wow!!!its very beautiful red orchid...