Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Miltonia spectabilis var alba x odm Holiday Gold

This is another interesting orchid from my collection that just flowered - its Miltonia spectabilis var alba x odm Holiday Gold. Its rather a rare cross and a beautiful orchid to have and to admire.

Despite being a collectors item its actually very easy orchid to grow and lends itself well to specimen culture.

The flowers of this orchid is very large (approx 20 cm across), it flowers freely and producing impressive display. The beautiful white/burgundy flowers open very widely and each flower spike carry 4 - 5 huge flowers.

These orchids native to Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica and they grow naturally on rocks and tree branches in cloud forests where morning mists and afternoon showers are the norm. In our climate they are quite happy in the shadiest part of my garden and they love frequent watering.


  1. What a wonderful form and colour.

  2. As always, I enjoy looking at the blooms which I will never have in my own garden.Thank you, Klara!

  3. Wow, nice flower!!I have a similar looking orchid hybrid but the flowers are more star shaped.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I came across your blog and immediately fell in love with the orchids. I have become a follower.

  5. hi, Just drop by and saw so many beautiful orchids plants you have cultivated.I had bought a shivelled looking cym. and it died with all my care (never seen a cymbidium like yours so lavish)

    Im still new in orchids and still finding how to bloom my cattleya & aranda orchid. (currently in my garden)
    Do drop by my blog & if possible share your tip about blooming them.

    Appreciate that greatly.

  6. It's a beautiful flower, i like the constrast between the red spots and the white on it.
    I see you can have lots of Cymbidiuns, i like them two, but I live in a hot state in Brasil, so I can't hav them, they like cold places more. That's why I have only cattleyas and one Catasetum here! Good luck with your beautiful garden!

  7. Beautiful! I miss my orchids sometimes. I have amaryllis but the flowers are too short-lived compared to orchids.
    Yours are always gorgeous!

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments and for checking out my blog.