Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My late flowering cymbidiums

Our cymbidium season well and truly over now and these beauties were flowering right at the end of our spring. I thought I'll show some of them here for everyone to enjoy their special blooms.
Now all of my cymbidium orchids on well deserved rest and I am looking forward to next flowering season.

Cymbidium Mem Marvin Gale "What's Going On"

Cymbidium "Orange Tango"
Cymbidium "Tropical Inferno"
Cymbidium "Passion"
Cymbidium "Pink Solitude"
Cymbidium "Luna Wall" x "Viva Las Vegas"
Cymbidium "Sussex Moon" x "Peteete Doll"
Cymbidium "Orange Dreamtime"


  1. m a r a v i l h o s o s

  2. Your Cymbidium orchids are wonderful! Congratulations for these beautiful photographs. Unfortunately, I have problems to bloom them here in Brazil. All the best!

  3. Hi Klara, i thought you are in your summer in December?

  4. Here, in Portugal, we are starting the flowering season of Cymbidium. Thanks for sharing your marvelous Cymbidium.

  5. So beautiful to see and so great you share the beauty of the cymbidium with us. After your lovely comment with growtips I hope mine will bring flowers some day. Great to see you have springtime in your country while at the moment lots of snow is coming down overhere at the moment.
    Have a wonderful weekend Klara.

  6. Thank you to all of you for your comments and for appreciation of this kaleidoscope of colors of cymbidium orchids, now that our summer is here they are resting, getting ready for the next season.

  7. You do so well with them, I am envious. The photography is superb also, but the one picture of that clear yellow really caught my eye and my fancy. Stunning! Keep up the good work.

  8. It is a pleasure to visit your Blog. The photographs are precious. Beautiful plants.
    Best regards


  9. What beautiful orchids. Our cymbidium season is just about to begin :). Happy holidays!

  10. Gorgeous... I have only artificial orchids at home. Happy New Year, dear Klara!

  11. I am an orchidacea fan living in Western ND in a monastery on the Great Plains. I got interested in orchids about 20 years ago. I have quite a few in bloom now and never tire of their beauty. Right now I have a new miltonia with 4 spikes.I love the fragrance. Your cymbidiums are gorgeous. I bloomed a couple once and would love to get a few again. They are truly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. I will return and look at more of your beauties! Llewellyn

  12. do you know that so far your quality of pictures is realy the most best of all blogs i read ? such stunning, i not have been a half year so missed alot :) great work, with love from a orchid lover livin in thailand :)

  13. Nice!! These orchids are amazing!!!XD

  14. Klaara so long no post from you on the blog. I really miss it and hope you will post one day.
    Have a great week ahead.
    Marijke, Holland