Friday, April 21, 2017

Dendrobium canaliculatum orchid

One of my miniature dendrobium orchids just started flowering, it's native to northern Australia, the islands of Torres Strait and southern New Guinea. The common name for this orchid is Tea Three Orchid because in nature it always grows in melaleuca woodlands and forests. There are a few variations of colors of this orchid - I have seen some lighter, almost pristine white,  and some darker forms .

In it’s native habitat it likes long dry season during winter and spring so mine spends half of time in the greenhouse and another half outside under the trees - that seems to bring it to flower every season. It’s a beautiful native orchid that quite easy to grow in any home situation  providing it’s not over watered since it dislike soggy condition around it’s roots. Other than that, it’s very low maintenance orchid with beautiful, unusual flowers.


Marijke said...

Wow what a beautiful Orchid that is Klara. Thank you so much for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Rosehugs Marijke

Américo M.S. Pereira said...

Very beautifull Dendrobium. One of the my favourites. Thanks for sharing.

klaraau01 said...

This one is a little beauty, this year it's flowering a little bit earlier than in other seasons, but native orchids always find their own right time for flowering.. Thank you for the visit and checking it out