Friday, April 14, 2017

First cattleyas in flower

Now, that’s it’s getting a bit cooler in our part of the world, couple of my first cattleya orchids started flowering. These two orchids been with me for many many moons and I don’t even remember how they  came to me, yet every year without a fail they are the first one’s to bloom.

They one’s of the  “old fashioned” one’s, most of the cattleya’s one see these days have fuller flowers, more blooms and generally more compact plants - these one’s more lanky with occasional blooms, yet they have beauty all of their own and I love their strong colors. They also have quite strong scents - the red one smells like “tutti - frutti” and the darker purple one have very strong herbal scent with a bit of acetone in the background, not unpleasant, just different.

Some of my other orchids started waking up after the hot summer spell and many of them started developing flower spikes, so I’ll be featuring them soon in this blog.


  1. These are just beautiful!!!

    I am a novice with orchids. Have them outside hanging here and there. Do they like sun or shade? I have a couple in bloom right now. The reed orchids are blooming their heads off, as are the Vandas. They both are easy-peasy and require no care from me.

    I look forward to seeing more of your orchids in bloom.


  2. Thank you for the visit and for checking out these orchids. With me, they mostly grow in filtered shade, although they need a bit of light to set next season flowers. In mild climate like ours they can grow under the trees and in cooler one's near the windows. Thank you again for the visit

  3. I love these orchids. I once bought an orange Cattleya in a Botanical garden.
    I loved it. But in 2 month's time it died. Not one to grow inside the house.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful orchids with us.
    Rosehugs Marijke

  4. You are welcome Marijke, and thank you for the visit