Saturday, August 26, 2017

Notes - new cascading cymbidiums orchids

New exiting range of cascading cymbidiums been released by Paradisia nursery in Victoria - beautiful long arching spikes, strong vivid colors, healthy, robust plants - everything any orchid grower and collector wants to see.

To show off their beautiful blooms they need to grow in the hanging baskets so that they can cascade freely, displaying multitude of flower spikes. Below is the pictures of these new generation cymbidium orchids.
Cymbidium Paradisian "Passion" 
Cymbidium Pradisian "Black Lip"   
Cymbidium Paradisian Tiger "Golden Falls"
Cymbidium Paradisian Ruby "Pinky"
Cymbidium Paradisian Bell "Smiley Face"
Cymbidium Paradisian Choice Dreamer


  1. Good morning dear Klara,
    So lovely to see this new Cymbidium's. Are this new one's in your garden yet?
    Have a wonderful day.
    Flowergreatings marijke

    1. Not yet, Marijke, but I am ordering some of them - how can I miss such beauty! They currently distributed as small seedlings, so hopefully in a couple of years time as they mature I'll be able to showcase them in this blog. Have a great day

  2. How I envy you for being able to grow orchids, Klara. The cascading ones are stunning. It was good to see you visited my blog again -- thank you. P. x

    1. You are welcome, Pam, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog and to check out your garden and I am glad you liked these pendulous cymbidiums.