Friday, December 15, 2017

Notes - Orchids Glass Paperweights

Colin Richardson paperweight - "Wild Orchids & Berries"

Glass paperweights according to some art historians were first made in Europe, probably in Venice in late 15th century. Some of the earlier examples were made in France in about 1750’s and in England in early 1800’s.

The period from 1840 to 1860 is often referred to as the Classical Period of paperweight production. This was the time when the great French glassworks at Clichy, Baccarat, and St. Louis led the world with the quality and creativity of their paperweights. Other countries followed their lead, and in the USA two major paperweight manufacturers were the New England Glass Company and the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company.

Another important technique of making paperweights is by creating flowers, fish, animals, insects, etc. using lampworking techniques, and encasing these miniature items in a globe of glass, so creating a little artificial world trapped in a ball of glass.

Today's contemporary paperweight makers are producing some truly stunning creations, rivalling anything ever produced in the world. There are miniature botanical fantasy worlds made by master glassmakers and studios .

L.H. Selman Glass Paperweight 
Me, being partial to orchids always on lookout for special glass creations that showcasing orchids and their beauty. Here some stunning images of orchids paperweights - 
Chris Buzzini "Maxillaria Tenuifolia,"
John Kobuki
Saint Louis {France} paperweight - "Ophrys Orchid"
John Kobuki Slipper Orchid
Paul Stankard Bee and Orchid Paperweight
Lundberg Justin "Jungle Orchids
John Kobuki ~ Slipper Orchid
Lilac Orchid by Mayauel Ward

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