Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sarcochilus orchids

These little beauties native to Australia and New Caledonia and really like hot, humid weather. They have short steams, only a few leaves and plenty of flowers on short inflorescences. There are currently about 15 species and all of them doing really well on our hot summer with colours of white, pinks, yellow and red. There are also many hybrids currently been developed by Australian breeders. 

They don’t like full sun or direct sunlight and prefer hot, humid position with good air movement. In nature most of them grow in the rocks and form clumps, showing masses of tiny, beautifully formed blooms. All of my sarcochilus orchids grow outside in the shade, exposed to all elements and being Australian native’s they don’t need any special care,  just occasional shower or watering. 
In cooler climate they can grow in the windowsill and would appreciate frequent misting to increase humidity. They are beautiful, easy orchids to grow that reward with masses of special blooms.


  1. Hello dear Klara,
    I've been away from the blog for a while but I love to get update with your wonderful posts about the orchids. Are you in summer now? We have snow overhere. Your orchids are so special. Must be great to be able to grow them in the garden. I never heard about this orchids before. They are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Flowerhugs Marijke

    1. Dear Marijke, hope you feel better now, been sending you Love and Light and positive thoughts for speedy recovery. I love all plants but been fascinated by orchids many many moons and there is always place for a few more.
      Here we are in very hot and humid summer at the moment, just yesterday our temp was 40C/104F and most of my attention goes to misting and watering, rearranging but this Australian Native is tough and can take this kind of weather. I have seen the snow in your roses and dreaming of a cooler change... Thank you for your visits and comments