Friday, April 7, 2017

Gongora gratulabunda orchid

I’ve been taking a break from blogging but now hopefully back with more posts about some beautiful orchids. In the past couple of months our weather here been really challenging - first with unusually very hot and humid summer that just went on and on and on and then non-stop rains and thunderstorms and winds creating a bit of a havoc in the garden and orchid house. Cleaning, re potting, sorting out and general maintenance of my plants been priority and now that the cooler weather finally arrived I can feature some of my orchids again in this blog. We must of gone through some specific sun-spot cycle or solar-storm activity, because the energy during that time felt unbelievably strong and raw.

One of my orchids that just finished it’s flowering is gongora gratulabunda - fascinating orchid native to Colombia. It flowers with masses small unusual flowers and have the most heavenly strong scent reminiscent of herbs and spices - one can smell cinnamon and thyme and myrrh and anise and all spice and fennel and saffron and there are some sweetness in the scent’s background making it very strong and pleasant.

This orchid need to grow in the hanging basket, so it can send long spikes about 1 meter long down on the side of the planter . It’s a special, strongly perfumed orchid and I am delighted seeing this beauty in flower.
gongora gratulabunda1
gongora gratulabunda


  1. What a paradise it must be in your garden. I love to see and read about your orchids I've never seen in my life before. I hope you will keep going on posting.
    Have a wonderful day Klara

  2. Thank you for your visit Marijke and for checking out my orchids, this gongora is really unusual one and an interesting orchid.

  3. This is incredible, haven't seen something like it in shows.

    1. Thank you for the visit Andrea, this gongora very fragrant with very strong scent that is everywhere - that's how in nature it attracts specific pollinating insects